SledBrite Krystal View – 946 ml


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Product Description

SledBrite Krystal View is a biodegradable, non toxic anti fog cleaner for snowmobile goggles, snow goggles, helmets and windshields.

  • Anti-Fog Goggles, Glass, Acrylic and Surface Cleaner.
  • treak free snowmobile goggle cleaner.
  • SledBrite Krystal View’s superior anti-fog formula keeps your view clear and dry even at 90mph.
  • Trail obstacles are an everyday occurrence on your snowmobile and fogged face shields jeopardize you and those you ride with. A single daily application keeps fogging and icing to a minimum.
  • Removes grease, dirt, smoke film and fingerprints.

Uses: Clean and de fog faceshields, goggles, helmets, rearviews, windscreens, glass, acrylics, Plexiglas® and all hard surfaces.

Special Attributes

  • Anti Fog Formula
  • All Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing – No Animal Ingredients – Cruelty Free
  • Environmentally Friendly, Non toxic, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe

Additional Information

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 27 cm


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