SledBrite Belly Pan Cleaner – 946 ml


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Product Description

SledBrite Belly Pan is a biodegradable, non toxic snowmobile cleaner degreaser that specializes in removing black exhaust stains and deposits from sled exterior.

  • Heavy Carbon, Exhaust, Grease and Build Up Cleaner Degreaser
  • Cleans Away Exhaust, Grease & Carbon Deposits from Snowmobile
  • Cleans Clutch Belt Dust
  • Safe on Snowmobile Decals and Plastic
    SledBrite Belly Pan Cleaner and Degreaser quickly and safely eliminates exhaust stains, black streaks, carbon and petroleum deposits, clutch belt dust, oils, grease and regular build-up. Cleans without harming most decals or plastic
  • The most effective, environmentally safe cleaner specifically designed for snowmobiles; just spray on and wipe clean.
  • Safely degreases engine and parts.
  • Can be diluted down to regularly wash and maintain the entire exterior of the snowmobile.
  • Removes grease and exhaust stains on the vinyl snowmobile seat.
  • Effectively dissolves grease stains from snowmobile suits, gloves, and covers without harming the fabric.

Uses: Clean snowmobile belly pan, tunnels, plastic, hood, fiberglass, seat, vinyl, track and all snowmobile exterior. Clean and degrease snowmobile engine components, parts, tools, clean black streaks from snowmobile trailer, clean oil spills in garage, remove petroleum stains from seat and gear and more.

Special Attributes

  • Safe on Sled Decals and Plastic
  • Professional Strength
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing – No Animal Ingredients – Cruelty Free
  • Environmentally Friendly, Non toxic, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe

Additional Information

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 27 cm


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