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Product Description

Biokleen Renew Metal Polish

  • A concentrated, fast drying metal polish
  • Polishes metals to a brilliant, mirror finish, shine
  • Lasts longer than conventional metal polishes
  • A small amount goes a very long way
  • Seals as it polishes metals for lasting protection
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to keep rust away
  • Heat resistant on metals up to 1350ºF
  • First, remove heavy corrosion with Bio-Kleen Aluma Kleen
  • For best results apply with the Biokleen Polishing Ball

Biokleen Renew Metal Polish is specially designed to work universally on all types of metals and the various grades of aluminum. Most aluminum polishes will polish the aluminum and leave a decent shine, but in a weeks time the aluminum looks dull again. This is caused from oxidation, Renew Metal Polish contains a corrosion inhibitor to keep oxidation and corrosion from returning. This metal polish not only cleans and shines aluminum, but it also

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