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Product Description

Bike Magik Qwik Shine is a motorcycle detailing spray and quick bike wax

  • Spray On Shine and Leather Protectant
  • Great for On The Road Touch Ups and Detailing
  • Clean, Shine and Protect Without Washing Motorcycle
  • Helps Repel Water and Dust from Motorcycle Finish
  • The secret to a perpetual brilliant shineSpray away water spots, insects, bird hits, fingerprints and road dust in minutes.
  • Enhances the depth of shine and a micro thin layer of polymer protection every time used.
  • Preserves and restores motorcycle leather and vinyl adding UV protection.
  • No rinsing and no residue for a qwik shine every time

Uses: Safe to use on all paints, clear coats, chrome, metals, wind screens, glass, vinyl, saddles, leather, tires, rubber, wood and helmets.

When Bike Magik Qwik Shine is used as a system with Bike Magik Polish & Sealant you never have to wash your bike again. Apply Bike Magik Polish & Sealant 1 to 4 times a year (depending on how much the bike is used and environmental factors in your region; acid rain, uv rays, ocean air, road salt, etc.). After each ride and engine has cooled, mist Bike Magik Qwik Shine over your entire bike (tank, pipes, seat, metals, plastic) and buff off. That’s it! Your bike will be clean, shiny and protected.

Special Attributes: UV Protection, 100% of the packaging is recyclable, No Animal Testing – No Animal Ingredients – Cruelty Free

Remove oil and grease build up prior to polishing bike with Bike Magik Qwik Kleen cleaner degreaser. Get amazing buffing results with a Micro Fiber Towel.

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