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Swabbies is the sole Canadian Distributor for Bio-Kleen Products, Inc.

Bio-Kleen is a manufacturer of High Performance, Biodegradable Cleaning and Detailing Products for the Marine, RV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, Automotive, Household, Industrial, Janitorial and Commercial industries.

Since 2010, excellent customer service, competitive pricing and consistent high quality products have earned Swabbies a well-respected reputation.

We also believe that companies have more than just an obligation to their customers or country; they have a responsibility to the environment as well, which is why our products are environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-aerosol.

In a very short time, Swabbies has grown from a small home business, to a Canada Wide Operation, with retail outlets from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.  Swabbies, as a result of the ever increasing demand, has also grown it’s distribution/warehouse network, within BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.   We’re always actively looking for new retail outlets, so please inquire how you may be able to join our team!

Bio-Kleen Products, Inc. is known for one thing, producing environmentally friendly cleaning products that outperform the competition. Their entirety of the business has been spent branding Bio-Kleen Products as specialized, premium grade, professional products. They believe in using high grade ingredients in everything from the formulations to packaging.  These quality products have not gone unnoticed; especially by the professionals in the various high performance industries.

As Swabbies continues to grow, the company is consistently refining standards and practices to maintain attractive, environmentally friendly consumer and commercial products that outperform the competition. We are excited about the opportunities in the immediate future and will remain committed to providing our customers with what we feel to be the best products on the market.