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Marine, Auto, RV, Sled, & Motorcycle

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Bio-Kleen manufactures a complete line of Marine, Auto, RV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle and ATV products for cleaning and detailing. Specially formulated, professional cleaning and detailing products; manufactured with the highest quality materials for the maximum output.

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Industrial & Commercial Applications

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As a supplier of industrial, institutional and consumer products, we at Swabbies, know that our repeat business is due to safe, effective cleaners that outperform…

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Swabbies is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Bio-Kleen Products which is a manufacture of High Performance, Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable Cleaning and Detailing Products, for the Marine, RV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, Automotive and Commercial Industries Bio-Kleen has earned a well-respected reputation for these high quality performance products since 1987!  Bio-Kleen Products, Inc. is known for one thing, producing environmentally friendly cleaning products that outperform the competition. The entirety of their business has been spent branding Bio-Kleen Products as specialized, premium grade, professional products. We believe in using high grade ingredients in everything from the formulations to the packaging. The unique look and quality products have not gone unnoticed; especially by the professionals in the various high performance industries. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to form lasting relationships and gain exposure simply because trusted names use our products and believe in them.

Swabbies Mission Statement:

We believe in honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We strongly believe in environmental sustainability by respecting all workplace, and community values